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Brought to you by the creators of Take Surveys For Cash and The Crypto Institute – both official ClickBank platinum vendors – the all-new Easy Cash Club targets a very wide audience with custom built software that will allow complete newbies, or seasoned internet marketers, to easily generate cash using YouTube.

Let’s face it, as affiliates, you've got to be tired of promoting offers with massively high refund rates, low conversion rates and offers that leave the customer feeling like they've been cheated.

We've spent 6 months developing software that liteally converts text, into ready to upload, fully functional, cash generating videos on YouTube. We've recorded over 25 hours of material that teaches our customers step-by-step, everything there is to know about profiting on YouTube. With unlimited usage of our software, and over 1000 hours worth of extra bonus content, feeling cheated will be the very last thing on the mind of our customers.

We can assure you that our offer converts like nothing you've ever seen before... and that is coming from two of ClickBank's most successful vendors, who have sold more than 15 million dollars worth of products on ClickBank. With that in mind, you can be certain that this offers is guaranteed to do one thing... make you a LOT of money, and provide the customer with REAL value.

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How large you ask?

Just YouTube alone has revenues close to $20 BILLION dollars annually.

In fact, not only are the revenues growing, but more and more people are becoming fascinated with starting their own YouTube channel... now is the PERFECT time to promote a product like this.

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Why Promote Easy Cash Club


We spent over 12 months planning, creating and testing this offer. This will be without a doubt, one of the BEST offers you've ever promoted on ClickBank! With three 1-click up sells, follow up emails using your affiliate ID, down sells and geo-targeting, there has never been a paid survey site like this! Some affiliates are already making over $2.50 per click!

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What ECC offers:

High Conversion Rates

Get sky high conversions, up to 1:10! Our offers convert well with all types of traffic and email lists! We have split tested for over a month to give you maximum conversion!

Media Buy Opportunities

Because this offer converts so well, you can really profit doing large scale media buys. It does well in all countries, age groups of 18-65 and is also gender independent. Try buying traffic on PPV, PPC and other traffic mediums and start making money today!

Credit For Follow Up Sales

We do our best to make sure our affiliates make as much money as they possibly can. That's why when you send a visitor to our product, and they do not purchase it right away, we send them several follow up emails, attempting to convincing them to join. The best part is, we give YOU the credit for the sale when they do!

Low Refund Rate

Our customers love our product and it shows with how low our refund rate is - less than 4%! Make more money with us; more importantly, keep more money after you generate the sale!

Geo-Targeting To Increase Sales

Since getting paid to take paid surveys online appeals to so many different people, from so many different countries, we know how important it is to make the visitor feel comfortable while browsing our website. By displaying text, and images, specific to the visitors country, we are able to increase our conversion rate in all countries!

Great Affiliate Support

You can reach out to us by contacting us at - We'll be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have, or give you suggestions on how to drive traffic to our offer!

Loads Of Creatives and Email Swipes

We have dozens of banners in all sizes, email swipes, landing pages, and more that you can use!

Bonuses, Contests and More

High volume affiliates are eligible for bonuses. You'll also enjoy Affiliate Contests every month where you can win additional cash and some amazingly useful prizes!

Our Sales Funnel ~ Earn Up To $172 Per Sale*


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We have some of the highest converting email swipes in the industry. Just swap in your ClickBank 'hoplink' into the emails and mail your list, with one of these great converting emails.

NOTE: You MUST provide an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email as well as an address. Please follow all applicable laws when emailing. Remember, spamming is strictly prohibited and illegal.

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Download ALL Email Swipes in a single "ZIP" file - 180kb

Landing Pages

The ECC-Quiz
A Landing Page that you can easily drop into your website and start catching hits straight away. Massive conversion with a simple quiz - very effective on a captured market

Download the Landing Page and all its assets below (320k ZIP file).


Marketeers Are Shocked - Advertorial
A Landing Page that you can easily drop into your website and start catching hits straight away. Massive conversion with a direct call to action - very effective in a sluggish market. Download this amazing advertorial Landing Page and all its assets below (290k ZIP file).

Product Images

ecc-product images

The Product images are provided in several formats - as single elements and also as a composed composite in two formats - with and without the BONUS - "Paid To Surf the Net". Contact Support for other formats.

  • ecc-product images
  • ecc-product images
  • ecc-product images
  • ecc-product images
  • ecc-product images
  • ecc-product images

Each image is a transparent PNG, with a minimum depth 240px, and roughly 100kb.
Download ALL Product Images in a single "ZIP" file - 980kb

Keywords & Traffic Sources

We've taken the time to create a list of good keywords to use to promote our product on google, bing or any other keyword based type of advertising. Download our customer list of keywords to target, and PPC ads to help you get started fast!


Traffic Sources
Not sure how to get started promoting our offer? No problem! We've made a list of great traffic sources you can use to advertise our program on. We have paid sources of traffic, and free sources as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have affiliates that make a LOT of money... we're talking THOUSANDS per day. When you have an offer that converts as well as ours does, it's not hard to see why. The key to making a lot, is figuring out how to get traffic, and scaling it.
Simple! Just ask us! All we require is that you've done at least 10 front end sales so far (so we know you're not going to waste our time), then email us at
The best thing about this offer, is that it does well with ANYONE who is interested in making money online, not just YouTube. The offer is a "blind" offer, meaning that it doesn't necessairly reveal what the product is until they are deep into the sales pitch. Typically however, the offer does very well with women aged 35 and up, from countries like the US, AU, UK, CA, SG, MY.
This really depends on a few things. First of all, what do you have experience with in terms of generating traffic? In general, that's the best place to start. Whether it be google adwords, FaceBook ads, native ads or even PPV, our offer will convert. Always make sure you use a pre-lander page if you're advertising on Google or FaceBook though however. You may also want to try purchasing a spot in a newsletter, because email traffic really does well with this. If you have more specific questions, please feel free to email us!
If you're not familiar with ClickBank, they pay out weekly, and offer a few different payment methods including wire transfer, ach and check.
Yes, Absolutely. Just contact us at and we'll get it placed for you.
We have 3 1-Click Upsells, and you get 75% of each of them.



If you plan to buy traffic to send to this offer, or promote it to a large mailing list, we can raise your commission to a massive 90%. Just get in touch with us through this email address:

Contact our Affiliate Manager at:


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